Our Services Include:

Space Planning

Review the scope of work, determine all spatial relationships and prepare a scaled floor plan showing all design requirements including furniture placement and adherence to applicable codes.


Prepare a complete set of architectural documents to describe the required work. This will include architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural disciplines.

Building/Space Measuring

Provide laser measured floor plans and detailed BOMA calculations.

Project Management

Assist the clients throughout the construction process to ensure adherence to the architectural documents.

Firm Overview:

MB DESIGN ASSOCIATES, INC. is a full service space planning and architecture firm specializing in interior architecture.

We have been involved with all types of commercial design projects including professional offices, medical facilities, government facilities, restaurants, retail shops and warehouses. We can provide our clients with a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing environment while keeping within a budget. Our common goals are to develop innovative, creative and economically pleasing environments that meet the client’s budget and serve our clients needs.

The key to our success and growth has been the commitment of our design professionals to acquire an in-depth understanding of the client and his or her special objectives.